a Digital Instrument for Additive Sound Synthesis
consists of a M4C type instrument and a score editor both written in C.


General statement:

Description of the instrument:

Works produced with DIASS:

User's manual:


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  2. Hans Kaper, David Ralley, Juan Restrepo, and Sever Tipei - Additive Synthesis with DIASS_M4C on Argonne National Laboratory's IBM POWERparallel System (SP), Proc. of the 1995 Int'l Computer Music Conference (Banff, Canada; September 1995) International Computer Music Association, San Francisco, CA, 1995, pp. 351-352.
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  4. DIASS was also presented at the SuperComputing'95 (San Diego, California; December 1995), SuperComputing'96 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; November 1996), SuperComputing'97 (San Jose, California, November 1997) conferences as part of the Argonne National Laboratory exhibits as well as at the ICAD (Palo Alto, California; November 1997) conference.


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