A.N.L.- folds

Program Notes

A.N.L. - folds (1996), for computer generated tape is a manifold composition. All variants start and end with the same chordal structures and include in the middle the Argonne chime : seven sounds spelling the name of the national laboratory (A, R=re, G, O=sol, N, N=non pitched percussive, and a large E gong). Between these pillars are modules that can change density, loudness, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and transients according to chance. Even when all these features are identical, simply starting the random number sequence with a different seed will result in a new arrangement of sounds within the given limits.

This work is also intended as a demonstration of some of the types of sounds DIASS_M4C can produce. Using the same data, another program, M4CAVE, creates visual images that accurately translate the sound output. Such a visualization of music was presented in the CAVE, a three-dimensional virtual environment available at the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of the Argonne National Laboratory and at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, as well as various SuperComputing conferences on the ImmersaDesk, a scaled-down version of the CAVE.

The composer wishes that each version be performed in public only once; if interested in presenting a realization of the A.N.L. - folds, please contact Sever Tipei (s-tipei@uiuc.edu) to obtain a personal version.


Five variants of the ANL-folds are recorded on a CD of Experimental Music by Sever Tipei, 1998.

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