Music 507: Seminar in Music Composition and Theory

George Enescu's opera Oedipe: technique and innovation

(Fall 2006)

George Enescu's opera Oedipe one of his foremost achievements, is a very complex work typical of his mature style. Its musical language does not easily fit in any of the categories commonly recognized in the first half of the 20th century. The seminar will analyze substantial fragments of the work while dealing extensively with its historical background, contemporary cultural life in France, Romania, and Austria as well as with the myth of Oedipe and its various interpretations.

Among the topics to be discussed:

Due to the amount of material to be covered students will contribute through class presentations on some of the above topics. The final grade will be based on these contributions and on a substantial final paper. The exact topics will be chosen (not exclusively) from the following categories and according to each person's background and abilities:

Papers and presentations will be assembled in a volume to be preserved in the School of Music library.

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