Music 499 E: Proseminar


(Spring 2009)

This seminar is open to students who have an interest in Computer Music (digital sample synthesis, computer-assisted composition, automatic music notation, etc.) as well as in the visualization of music and sonification of complex scientific data. Good C++ programming skills are required.

Currently, students are asked to contribute to DISSCO (Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition), an ongoing project involving computer-assisted composition, sound synthesis, and a web-based graphic interface.

Weekly meetings also discuss related techniques and/or software, new ideas in sciences which might be applied to music. In the past, topics have included: Psychoacoustics, Algorithms for Composition, Neural Networks, Cellular Automata, AI techniques, graphics packages, and others.

The Experimental Music Studios of the University of Ilinois Computer Music Project equipment will be available to the participants.

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