Music 408 E


(WWII to present)

Spring 2018

This course will cover composition techniques and theoretical systems developed and used during the historical period between the end of WWII and present with an emphasis to musical form. It will include the following modules:

  1. Recapitulation: Tonality, tone-rows and traditional forms
  2. Integral Serialism
  3. Indeterminacy; Chance Music, Aleatory Music
  4. Electro-acoustic music; Analog and Digital sound synthesis
  5. Concept music, Graphic Scores, Minimalism, Microtonality
  6. Spectral music; Science, Mathematics, Music, Technology

Most topics will be accompanied by Lecture notes including score fragments, articles and concise smmaries of the subjects presented. It is recommended that all these notes be printed and collected in a binder to serve as review materials.

There will be five assignments, and five required readings (articles by Boulez, Brün, Eco, Stockhausen, and Xenakis) which will be discussed in class. Participation in such discussions will count toward class participation and the final grade. There will also be four short (up to 15 min.) listening quizzes. A list of works included on each quiz may be found in Listening Quizzes.

The grading:

                5 Assignments, 10% each   			50%
		4 Listening quizzes, 4% each			16%
		5 Reading assignments/class participation	14%
                Final                  				20%

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