Music 103



Spring 2004

The course is a continuation of Music 102 and concentrates on 19th. century music with an introduction to 20th century music. The emphasis is on chromatic harmony and the transition to atonality.

There will be 12 assignments, three quizzes, and a comprehensive final examination. The first two assignments will be graded but will not count toward your final grade unless you specifically request so as a way to improve your final grade. Most of the assignments will consist of four-part writing and a few will deal with the analysis of existing fragments of music. The quizzes and the final test will have similar profiles.

The assignments should be the result of individual work; if two or more assignments have exactly the same errors, same voice leading, etc. they will receive the grade of 0.

The grading system is as follows:

The textbooks, Kostka & Payne - "Tonal Harmony" and Piston/DeVoto - "Harmony" (on reserve) should serve as guidance and further reference but students are expected to take detailed notes in class. The assignments, the quiz, and the final will reflect material presented in class which might not be available in the textbooks.

Nobody will pass this course without completing ALL the required work. Attendance is required. Please schedule your other classes so you will be able to be in the room at the beginning of the class and not leave it before the end. Students are allowed three unexcused absences per semester. After that 1 percentage point is lost per absence (unless formally excused) until a maximum of 5 percentage points have been reached.
No late assignments will be accepted..

Please make sure you have music manuscript paper available at all sessions since there will be a fair amount of individual writing in class.

The grading scale is as follows:

Final examination:

The final will be comprehensive which means it will include all the topics and all the materials studied and discussed during the entire semester.

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