Software for Real Time

Analysis of Musical Sounds

For Macintoshes with Sound Input

Created in 1999 by Timothy J. Madden and James W. Beauchamp

Edited by Boon Pang Lim in 2001

OS Notes: Armadillo works in real time and non-real time (with aiff files) under Mac OS 8.x and 9.x and in Classic Mode under OS 10.2-4.
[Under OS 10.1 it works only in non-real time (i.e., with aiff files) in Classic Mode.]
It is compiled for the Motorola PPC CPU only.

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The primary objective of Armadillo is to provide a convenient way to quickly analyze musical sounds on an inexpensive computer without the need for specialized hardware. The development of high speed computers with excellent graphics and high quality audio I/O in the 1990's made this possible. While a number of analysis programs have been available on PC or Macintosh platforms, there are few that are dedicated to the analysis of musical sounds as Armadillo is.


Armadillo Sample Displays

Phase Vocoder Analysis of a Trumpet Tone — 3D Graph


Real-Time Fourier Analysis of a Voice (1D Graph)


Tuning Window- Analysis can be accurately tuned to any pitch


Real-Time Phase Vocoder Analysis of

Voice followed by Whistle (2D Graph)



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